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It's difficult not to sound big-headed when I say "I'm very good at the things I do". I'd go as far to say that I have an "instinct for success" which is why when I see a job to be done, I say to myself in traditional Yosser Hughes (Boys from the Black Stuff) fashion "I can do that". I've been successful in business and sport so I am confident in my ability to perform well at any set task. 

The reason I say this is because when I'm walking around Wales or my local environment I can see potential in the places I visit, I also see lost marketing opportunities, presentation and development failures. Communities and organisations in Wales are underperforming in many areas and most don't even know it. Nothing is ever perfect but there is no harm in striving to reach perfection. My motto is...............

"Aim for perfection, but be satisfied with excellence"

I am looking to help communities, businesses and events in Wales on a professional basis, as a project leader or project partner/support worker. The majority of community support companies and organisations will do a lot of talking, some enough to fill at hot air balloon, but that's not me, I won't beat about the bush. I'm not going to talk to you or baffle you with big words. I'm going to see what needs to be done, put a strategy and action plan together and help your team to achieve their goals. If need be I'll roll up my sleeves and muck in with them.

If you are a community, business or organisation leader in Wales or you are just a member of a community looking for someone to lead a project, then please drop me an email with a brief description of what you require with your contact details (including telephone number) and I'll get back to you. My aim is for us to say together..............

"we can do that"

If you give me the opportunity to make a difference to your community, organization or event, then I will.


Here are a few examples of things I've done in the past which may help you decide what I can help you with.................  



We provide an on-line entry system and a social media management strategy for the Glynneath 5 mile road race. Please click on the link below for the race website 


The race has seen a 50% rise in the number of entrants since we took on this role in 2014. 

We also provide a voluntary race day support service, helping to take entries and supporting the results compilation.



220-rpt.jpg (214610 bytes) In September 2001 I started work as the first college Triathlon Academy Manager in Britain. Neath Port Talbot College had approached me and said; "we want a Triathlon Academy, can you oblige?". I said "I can do that", then I made things happen through strategic marketing and inspirational organiztaion. Life was made easier by a great bunch of students of course, very good days indeed. The majority of press reports for the Academy are written by myself with the occasional editing. (Illustrated left - 220 Triathlon Magazine article, I took the photo)
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I could go on all day about my involvement in sport but I won't bore you with the details. If you CLICK HERE it will take you to a summary of my personal sporting achievements. Below are some newspaper clippings I've either written, include me, are of events I helped organise, or they are of athletes I've coached. Mainly they are from Multisport Racing Club which is a club I started with together with another chap in 1996. By 2003 it was the largest club in Wales and our athletes finished 1 - 2- 3 in the Welsh Championships. I was chairman of the club and coached several adults sessions. I was responsible for starting a children's section of the club and at one point in the development process 75% of Welsh junior champions were our members. Also pictured is the kayak club we started, the headquarters of which was in our back garden.  

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