The following social media exchange on the Glynneath, News and Views Facebook Forum between Enzo Sauro and EG-RAC spokesman Dai Richards ended in Sauro threatening Mr Richards. 

20201120-WB-FACE- clyde-baker-post

Dai Richards (to Robert Davies) If you watched the video you will have seen that Cuddy didn't take those measures and Enzo has just broken 14 of the planning permission conditions including the movement of potentially contaminated waste towards the houses in Woodland Park & Brynhyfryd. That's what this post is all about Clyde drove past the site and noticed there was no work going on and I informed him that Enzo had broken the rules. So in effect Cuddy broke the rules and hid contamination, Enzo broke the rules as well so who is standing up for the people of Brynhyfryd & Woodland Park? Are you?
Enzo Sauro (to Dai Richards) what a load of nonsense
Dai Richards (to Enzo Sauro) thank you for mentioning me in your post, can you explain what you believe to be nonsense in my post.
Enzo Sauro (to Dai Richards) for a start all your speculation on contamination in absolute lode of noncence do you think I would be so stupid to purchase a pice of land without testing first !! And also your comments on folding. Since when are you or any one else in Glyneath for that mater a testing lab ?? And drainage experts I have persisted with planing to deliver a quality development but because off all you residents Thay are scared to have a cup of tee. And for the record I have full authority to remove the spoil with NRW. If any one of you would have taken the time to talk to me then you would have fact. Not speculation. So I face mr Cudy Was not the bad guy it was the minority of people who have spread idle gossip I employed a lot of people and feed a lot of mouths and I really hope you are all proud of your selfs.
Dai Richards (to Enzo Sauro) 
Perhaps it is you who should have talked to the residents first. You bought the land. You put the plans in first without consulting the neighbouring residents. We are just a group of people who have suffered from the actions of housing developers for the last 15 years, why should you be different, your reputation preceded you with your actions at Penllegaer.
The two attached images show that:

1 The site was tested and found to be contaminated at an above safe level in 2008 with grade 1 classified carcinogens Arsenic and Benzo[a]pyerene.

2. Your site is oozing chemicals as we speak. The second image is from the weekend just gone. and there are chemicals oozing from the soil throughout the site. (separate post)
Our problem is not with you building houses, its the way you want to build them. If you want to talk to us as residents, and build on the site without us objecting then we are here to talk on this forum.

image - contaminants 2008 - chemicals oozing 20/11/2020

Dai Richards (to Enzo Sauro) second picture - your site last weekend oozing chemicals
Enzo Sauro (to Dai Richards) watch what you say mr
Dai Richards (to Enzo Sauro) I am watching what I'm saying, I'm just providing you with information. If you think I have said anything defamatory about you or your company you should point that out please?
Dai Richards (to Enzo Sauro) I have been private messaged by friends who are perceiving your last statement "watch what you say mr" as a threat. Can you clarify what you mean please when you say "watch what you say mr" ?

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Enzo failed to respond to either question.


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