The original housing development for the Heol-y-Glyn site was by Primrose Homes which is a trading name of Heol-y-Glyn Developments Ltd. The company was incorporated on 1 September 2006. 

The original company secretary was Miss Margaret Michelle Davies and the sole director was Emma Watts whose occupation was listed as office clerk (presumably at the Cuddy Group), both of Merthyr Tydfil (source Companies House website - CLICK HERE). 

On the 21 September 2006 both the secretary and the director resigned, they were replaced on the 12 October 2006 by John Cuddy operating in both roles as both the secretary and sole director. (source Companies House website - CLICK HERE). 

On 1 November 2006 Mike Cuddy joined his brother John as a director. (source Companies House website - CLICK HERE)

The company throughout its history from 2006 to 2018 submitted dormant accounts. Dormant means that the company did no business throughout the years of its existence. (source Companies House website - CLICK HERE).

A full history of the company can be found on the Companies House website.


We have seen that Primrose Homes did not build any homes so its likely that the purpose of the company was to provide a cover operation for other means. The two directors John and Mike Cuddy were also owners of the Cuddy Group. The Cuddy Group industrial waste. 

The Cuddy Group according to an article about the company on the originally published by the Western Mail, the Cuddy Group was the 12th largest demolition company in the world with demolition and asbestos removal as the core of its business. SOURCE INFO - CLICK HERE 


1999 93-1999-sat-mage.jpg (274777 bytes)  
2004 78-20050000E-IM-cuddy-burni.jpg (396884 bytes) Burning material on site was a regular occurrence for the Cuddy Group. (image courtesy of Ian & Dorothy Williams)
2005 55.jpg (290816 bytes)

We can see that Cuddy has removed fully grown trees without permission and the variety of colour and haphazard shape of the tipped material gives rise to the question, what was Cuddy dumping? (image courtesy of Ian & Dorothy Williams)

Around this time Jordan Beale, age 9 was playing on the site and building dens out of the materials found there. One day Jordan and his friend arrived home with a fridge door. It became illegal to dump fridges and freezers in UK landfill sites on 1 January 2002. The fridge door Jordan brought home was dumped illegally and is classed as hazardous waste. 

2006 92-2006-sat-mage.jpg (337412 bytes)  
2010 83-2010-sat-image.jpg (258468 bytes)  
2013 88-2013-sat-image.jpg (449404 bytes)  
2014 87-2014-sat-image.jpg (451987 bytes) SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY

1 - Image one shows the Cuddy machine busy at work.

2 - Image two shows recently disturbed ground in two isolated spots in the tipped area. 

3. Image three shows machine tracks to these isolated locations.

86-2014-marked-1.jpg (452466 bytes) 85-2014-marked-2.jpg (456507 bytes) 84-2014-marked-3.jpg (460024 bytes)

The following is a statement from a local resident which formed part of an objection to the planning application for this site. 

"The back of the house including my garden overlooks the tip as I am on top of Bryhyfryd Hill. I get up several times in the night to use the toilet. I have seen a number of lorries dumping in the pitch dark, also at one time with Cuddy and company they kept a machine over there, by day the Cuddy worker would turn up and unbury everything [meaning they would dig up the top of the previous day's hole just above what they had dumped the previous day] I (Dai Richards am also witness to this type of activity, I cycle regularly down the Banwen Rd and I used to stop and watch the Cuddy' vehicles at work]. "I've also been over there (to the proposed Enzo site) early in the morning and seen large metallic barrels containing what I believe to be asbestos, I am familiar with asbestos and I have seen broken bits pushed down into the ground . The barrels also contained chemicals and when the Cuddy machine driver turned up at 8.00am in the morning they were pushed into the ground. There were lorries during the day which were bringing stuff from I don't know where but they were burying all the waste. (I asked this resident  how far away he was from the barrels?) He replied. I kicked them and they were full, they were not empty. 

2016 82-2016-sat-image.jpg (456807 bytes)

40-cuddy-2016.jpg (338709 bytes)

Image bottom - Cuddyland in April 2016
2017 81-2017-sat-image.jpg (272090 bytes)  
2018 89-2018-marked2.jpg (452851 bytes)  
2022 91-2022-marked.jpg (454665 bytes)  




In our research, we can only find two records of political donations by the Cuddy Group or one of its directors. Both to the Neath MP, Peter Hain in the Labour stronghold of Neath. 

The following donation of £10,000 was recorded as

Mr Mike Cuddy, of Vale of Glamorgan personal donation. (Registered 11 January 2008).*

Cuddy lived in Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan at the time, however the company of which he was managing director and the majority of his developments and business interests took place in Neath-Port Talbot. Logical reasoning would suggest that the donation must be considered a business one as opposed to a personal one due to the geographical nature of Cuddy's residence in the Vale of Glamorgan and his business interests in Neath-Port Talbot. 

It is also recorded that the Cuddy Group donated £1500 to Peter Hain after Mr Hain was pictured presenting Mike Cuddy with an award for the production of an internal Health & Safety document which according to the parliamentary critque website order-order.com was "essentially an office manual written by a junior in human resources."****

The donation was one of several which Mr Hain, now Lord Hain failed to declare. A total of £103,000 went undeclared within the proper timeframe and so the undeclared donations were referred to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner and the Crown Prosecution Service. About this affair, the parliamentary commissioner for standards John Lyon stated in his report:

"This is a case of an experienced member, a cabinet minister at the time, failing in his duty as a member of parliament to register donations within the time required by the house."**

At about the same time the Cuddy Group and its subsiduary companies were involved in several developments in the Labour controlled Neath-Port Talbot Council including one at Heol y Glyn, Glynneath.

This site is now owned by Enzo Homes and planning permission for continuation of the development has recently been granted. Talking about the Cuddy period of ownership at a recent planning committee meeting, a local resident suggested that the Cuddy Group used the development as a front for its asbestos removal and demolition business, they followed on by stating that "for every £1000 that the Cuddy Group spent on development planning, then they earned £10,000 on tipping other peoples waste". There is no record of the Cuddy housing development branch Primrose Homes ever building a property during their entire existence.

The timing of Cuddy's donation, believed to be sometime in 2007 was followed in 2008 with a planning application by the Cuddy Group in Mr Hain's Labour stronghold constituency of Neath at the development in Glynneath. Information supplied with the plans provided evidence of an excessive amount of toxic chemicals in the soil including the grade 1 classified carcinogens Arsenic and Benzo[a]pyrene. The plans containing this information were eventually withdrawn without reason and lodged in the planning department archives of the Labour held Neath Port Talbot Council until discovered in 2020 by local residents. Subsequent plans were submitted in 2009 by the Cuddy Group which changed the nature of the site to a 'brownfield' (industrial) status. This suggested the land was already contaminated and was a complete reversal of site status as the previous plans had shown no industrial use recorded at the site.  

A local spokesperson for the East Glynneath Residents Against Contamination group stated that from 2008 to 2016 the Cuddy Group continued to tip on the site without regard for an infrastructure. They believe the council failure to investigate the contamination in 2008 breached the 1990 Environmental Protection Act and that they have provided clear evidence of this to the local MP, Christina Rees (Labour), Welsh Assembly Member, Jeremy Miles (Labour) and the Council Leader Rob Jones (Labour) and each member of the mainly Labour Neath-Port Talbot Council Planning Committee. The spokesperson added that as a group we are concerned that the Cuddy donation may be linked to council corruption as outlined in a recent report by Transparency International. 

The report into Local Government Planning Department corruption is by specialists Transparency International, the UK’s leading independent anti-corruption organisation *** . It indicates that there are five key corruption indicators relating to councillors’ involvement in major planning decisions. These five key corruption risks include curiously timed political donations. The document defines this as:

" A developer giving a series of political donations to the local branches of a political party around the same time in which they were applying for planning permission within the same local area.

A spokesperson for the East Glynneath Residents Against Contamination asked the following Labour politicians if they believed the £11,500 Mike Cuddy and Cuddy Group's donations to Peter Hain had any bearing on the policies of the Labour controlled Neath-Port Talbot Council Planning Department malpractice in 2010. Also if Nicola Lake's contact with Geraint John Planning that changed the wording of the report dated March 2020 to re-define the conservation report was a similar occurrence. 

The questions were worded as such and placed at the top of this information section.


Given the timing of Mike Cuddy's donation to Peter Hain and the subsequent submission of plans, withdrawal of plans and approval of plans in 2010 by a Labour controlled council which re-defined of the nature of the site to 'brownfield' status. Do you think that this donation had any bearing on the planning department malpractice that breached the 1990 Environmental Protection Act ?

Also given that a similar occurrence happened in 2020 with Nicola Lake's contact with Geraint John Planning that eventually changed the wording in June of the Ecological Appraisal dated March 2020 to culvert rather than maintain the stream. Do you think the purpose of this action was encourage the planning committee to deliberately breach the 2016 Environmental Wales Act?



The following document was attached to the email which highlighted possible Planning Department malpractice: CLICK HERE



*source   **source  ***source   ****source   *****source




In February last year Peter Hain decided it was of great importance to be photographed presenting Mike Cuddy, Managing Director of Cuddy Group, with the NQA 18001 Award Occupational Health & Safety. As good a thing as it is, does it really merit the presentation by the Welsh Minister, glowing endorsement and photo-op? He was too busy to pay attention to his campaign finances because of his work in Northern Ireland he spins. Yet he had plenty of time for Cuddy Group. NQA 18001 is “awarded” for documenting your company’s approach to occupational health and safety. 

It is essentially for an office manual written by a junior in human resources.

Presenting the certificate Peter Hain said “With their accolade of awards continuing to grow I’m sure the Cuddy Group can look forward to a successful future.”

He also said thanks to Mike Cuddy for the £10,000 donation to his campaign… which he then forgot to declare.




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