Dai's walk around Wales blog - September 2021


1 September 2021 - Terrier Patrol, Welsh Regimental Museum, Brecon

The Terrier Patrol were back on duty today after reports of a Zulu backlash following the Rourke's Drift dust up. It turned out to be a false alarm with the Zulu in question, far left of photo, second row having been identified as a 'Marks and Spencer' shop dummy passing through on his way to a fancy dress party in Solihull. The Terriers arrived at the Regimental Museum in Brecon from where the reports originated. Smith and Orrells were sent to recce the area and although it would seem they are inspecting the impressive Victoria Cross medal collection, they are in fact checking the reflection for potential ambush. Rees & Richards who are not to be trusted in situations such as this were left on guard duty outside. Once the area was made safe, the terriers formed up to salute the bravery of our comrades and then the Terrier Patrol retired to 'Tad Cod' to receive their rations of Cod and Chips.   
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2 September 2021 - Baby hedgehogs

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For the second year running we have baby hedgehogs in our garden, this is the first photo I've been able to get, we saw the first one on 31 August and to date (5 September) we know there are at least 3. Last year there were 6.


2 September - Video upload - Council of Death? document.



47.jpg (351729 bytes) This document was submitted to the Neath-Port Talbot Council Planning Committee and the Glynneath Councillors Del Morgan and Simon Knoyle by recorded delivery. It was received on 7th September 2020. To date (2 September 2021) no counter evidence has been submitted to refute the allegation that the council breached the 1990 Environmental Protection Act. 



3 September 2021

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Today was the last day of filming for my part of Roger in the film 'Age of Tony' (Mullet Train?) directed by Julian Kemp. The front of Roger is played by Cary Elwes and I'm him official 'bum double' for the film, which means I need to get my kit off for the nudity scenes. I played Roger's back in two scenes today, from 1975 & 1995. More to follow after the film has been screened. I believe the story is mainly about two brothers Roger & Tony ( Michael Sheen ) who travel through the decades and into the future while travelling on the a train. The film was re-titled "The Last Train to Christmas" and released on Sky Cinema on 18 December 2021.


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4 September 2021 - Resolven Mountain sunset 

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I rode to Neath via the canal on my mountain bike so that I could ride back via Resolven Mountain at sunset. For the first time in around 15 years I was able to ride up the face path on the mountain on the mountain which had returned to its mainly grassy state after being torn up by motorbike scramblers. Arriving about 15 minutes before sunset at the top end of the path I had to quickly snap away before the sun dropped behind the distant clouds. I managed to change lenses just as the sun was dropping into the clouds. 

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5 September 2021 - Sunset walk on Aberavon Beach

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6 September 2021 - Resolven Mountain sunset

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I did the same loop as on the 4th, it's a long climb up the mountain, about 1500 feet in height and about 6-7 miles in length from Neath but the view from the top is great. Then of course there's the long descent. My previous ride I dropped down into Cwmgwrach but tonight I descended into Resolven and it took me about 30 minutes on each occasion. I'd like it to be quicker because in the trees, it's dark at that time and I'm not using lights for the descent which makes it a little dangerous. I need to change my plan on this one before I come a cropper. :)

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7 September 2021 - Sunset walk on Aberavon Beach

There has been a lack of nice sunrises and sunsets in my recent outings so I welcomed this glorious pinking up of the clouds above Swansea. Thanks to Mr Williams of the Cimla, the fisherman in the first photo, apologies, I've forgotten your first name. The photo on the right is from Burry Port on the same evening, there is a remarkable similarity in the shape of the clouds. Thanks to Maxine for that photo.


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8 September 2021 - Video upload - PSP cluster Glynneath.


23-title.jpg (310748 bytes)

Information and accountability for a PSP cluster in the Welsh town of Glynneath. This document has been submitted to the following organisations, none of whom have acknowledged receipt, provided counter evidence or disputed its conclusion. 

Natural Resources Wales, Neath-Port Talbot Council, Glynneath Town Council.

The report concludes that:

“Residents of Brynhyfryd are dying from the rare neurological disorder
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. These deaths are almost certainly due to
specified and other probable unspecified contamination tipped at the Heol y Glyn landfill site. Public officers who have covered up this contamination are potentially responsible for the unlawful killing of these residents.”





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VIDEO UPLOAD - On 19 July 2021 we made a public question asking for an update on the Heol y Glyn Development because there were 6 different toxic chemicals that have recently been exposed in the top layer of the soil. This is of serious concern to our group. Only Councillor Knoyle has made a public statement in relation to our question but he has not referenced the current exposed contamination which is of concern. The council have a duty of care in relation to this contamination to provide a risk assessment for human health by categorising the identified contamination from 1 to 4. This information has not been provided with the current planning application which is a concern. This video requests that the two Glynneath councillors ensure that this information is provided to the residents surrounding the site as soon as possible. As council tax payers it is our right to know the level of toxins we have been potentially exposed to. - Glynneath Residents Against Contamination Group 



14/9/2021 38.jpg (65597 bytes) A friend on Facebook posted this terrific photo of Stan May (Mahe?) and John Baker in the Afan Lido. Both Stan & John worked in the Lido, Stan used to dive of the top board (15 metres?) and John was the deputy manager of the pool. I think John holds the record for the most Aberavon Round the Pier Swim wins. 
1993   While searching for the results of the Worcester & Hereford Duathlons in 1993 (I won both events) I came across the results of the National Duathlon Championships in Barnsley in the same year. I finished 16th overall running the first 5k in 15.25 cycling 30k in 43.16 and running 17.21 for the 2nd 5k off the bike. At the time I was very disappointed with this result. If you offered me anywhere near those times now, I'd bite your hand off, your arm off and half your shoulder.

RESULTS - https://www.ukresults.net/1993/nationdu.html

In fact I was that disappointed that I got straight into Clive, my van and drove all the way home without stopping, I think it was the fact that I was stuck in that one position for a four hour drive that threw my pelvis out and caused me to struggle for the next 18 months with a series of referred injuries from this.  

17 September 2021



88.jpg (332643 bytes) A report submitted to the Glynneath Town Council went missing after being delivered to the Glynneath Councillors Gerry Reynolds and Haulwen Morgan on 3 May 2021. Glynneath Town Council discuss the letter that accompanied the report. This video looks at the involvement of Councillors Reynolds and Morgan in the discussion about the letter in the council meeting of 8 June 2021 and asks the Town Clerk what happened?   


18 September 2021

Today was the 52nd Annual (Bernard Donovan) Aberavon Round the Pier Swim which I took part in for approximately the 34th time. I first took part in this race event in 1983 and have missed around 3-4 events in the last 38 years. This year I started work on a documentary and to achieve better footage of the event, in particular the lead swimmers, I swam the race backwards. Due to the COVID19 pandemic the organisation of the race was a last minute affair and so the numbers were down. This year 46 competitors completed the event with the conditions being good (once the early big waves were overcome. The winner of the event was Garod Thomas in 19.52 with Catherine Williams of Port Talbot Harriers in 2nd place. Aron Wilkinson made up the podium............... more to follow

Notes........ First Men Garod Thomas 19.52, first women Catherine Williams 21.26. 46 competitors. 


Official press release: 

The 52nd Bernard Donovan Round the Pier Swim at Aberavon Beach got underway at 5.45 p.m. yesterday in torrential rain having been started from the Little Warren clubhouse of Aberavon Green Stars RFC by the mayor of Neath Port Talbot CBC and club president Cllr Matthew Crowley who is also the swim organiser. The 46 hardy entrants were were cheered on their way by guests Stephen Kinnock. M.P., Aberavon Constituency, David Rees, A.M., South West Wales and Fr Robert Davies of St Davids Church, Swansea all of whom later presented the category winners with their trophies at the Aberavon Green Stars clubhouse.

The swim was clearly won by Garod Thomas in the time of 19 minutes, 52 seconds and following him in the men's event was Aaron Wilkinson 21.48 and Brandon Worth 22.16. This was Garod's eleventh time to win the Frank Burke Trophy and he is rapidly approaching John Baker's record number of wins. Winner of the women's event and the Port Talbot Brickwork Cup was the 2019 winner Catherine Williams whose time of 21.26 placed her second overall. She was followed by Emily Watkins 22.30 and Victoria Balzano 23.37.

The oldest competitor was 72 year old Robbie Phillips 42.46 and the youngest competitor was 16 year old Rhys Churm 33.34. They were presented with the Mal Thomas Shield and the Bryn Landeg Shield respectively. In the club members event the first home was Vince Lewis 30.59 and the oldest was Jonathan O'Leary 58.06.

Finally, in the Tata Employees event the clear winner was Neil Morgan 22.21, then Dave Bright 31.36 and Adam Purchase 36.49. The Peter Allen Trophy was presented to Neil Morgan by Dave Bright. 

In poor weather conditions the essential safety coverage was, as usual, provided by Aberavon Surf Life Saving Club, the Aberavon Canoe Club and the Port Talbot RNLI. They all had a very busy day having earlier overseen 150 paddle boarders making the journey from Mumbles to Aberavon Beach.

Bernard Donovan, mobile 07505.141137. 

24 September 2021

My cousin Alicia came to stay for a few days and brought her gongs with her. Alicia is a professional gong batheroonerist and takes sessions near her home in London. After the bathing session I was allowed to have a go a the gongs and bowls, it was an excellent opportunity to show how useless I am at anything musical. 


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she has a website with podcasts and all sorts of stuff.




25 September 2021

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The following day to my gong bath, Alicia and I visited Sgwd Gwladys which was in trickle (as opposed to flood) following a dry spell. 

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