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5 May 2022 

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The period 6 April to 5 May was taken up mainly with an election campaign, my second attempt to become a councillor. For the first week we had 2 of our grandchildren staying, Gethin & Korra and I included them in the filming etc of my videos. This video below is a compilation of 4 videos I made for my election campaign for the May 2022 election in Glynneath. I walked a lot around the houses of Glynneath introducing myself to the community. 


Video 1 looks at why the council tax is so high in Glynneath and focuses on an item in a Glynneath Town Council meeting chaired by the Mayor of Glynneath Simon Knoyle.

Video 2 is launched on the 100th anniversary of the birth of my dad David Richards Senior and includes an interview with the former Glynneath Town Councillor Jennifer Herbert and a repeat of my July 2021 election video about myself.

Video 3 is about safety in Glynneath and why people should be concerned about the safety aspects of the Heol y Glyn landfill site in Glynneath.

Video 4 is a short video where the former international rugby referee Clive Norling sends a message to Max Boyce to 'vote for Dai'

Included in the video are the candidate announcements and results. So far I've taken part in 3 elections and finished last in every one of them, but a creditable last in in each case as the numbers below will testify to:

40.4% of people who voted and their ballot papers counted in the election voted for me. (366 valid ballot papers, 148 votes)

19.4% of people who were eligible to vote in this ward (Glynneath East) actually voted me. (769 electorate, 148 votes)

That's almost 1 in 5 people in East Glynneath who voted for me and that includes those people who couldn't be bothered to, forgot or who wanted to and were unable to vote for me. 
I would suggest that this is a step in the right direction and there is merit in my attempt to become a politician.

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15 May 2022

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A new series starts on S4C, Y Golau in which I play a police desk sergeant and an angry member of the public outside a court as the accused walks into the court. Filmed in Waunarlwydd & Swansea (Brangwyn Hall). I do have one interaction with the girl on the right of the photo who's mum actually worked in the building (former ALCOA) offices  in Waunarlwydd in which we filmed. The programme will also be shown in English at some stage, the working title was 'The Light' which translated means 'Y Golau' in Welsh so I suspect the title will remain this.  


24 May 2022


Kev Lewis, far right in this photo  and I got together a small number of Neath Harrier legends for a chat and a trip down memory lane. The key figure in the discussion was one of the founder members of the club Billy Hancock who at 85 still has fond memories of the club and its early days............................. 



27 May 2022 - 3G ride & Terrier Patrol on the River Neath

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Dale, Gethin and I rode from Neath to Aberavon Beach and back for an ice cream at Remo's. An 18 mile round trip with good beach time. 


On my return I paddled with Jeff on the Neath Canal and River. The weather and tides were right so this was far too good an opportunity to miss. Short videos uploaded as unlisted on Shyaway Productions.





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