Dai's walk around Wales blog - August 2022


2 August 2022 - video upload to our YouTube channel

https://youtu.be/UKUEUuf3Q8k 83.jpg (360462 bytes) FIREMANUEL SAVES COOKIE FROM HIS BURNING RESTAURANT

10 days with the grandchildren Gethin and Korra have come to an end with our final task being to edit this video. 


5 August 2022 - Llyn Fawr & Llyn Fan walk on the Craig y Llyn ridge

With Cristina at Llyn Fan

6 August - Happy 50th to Hayley

7 August 2022

77-swing-3g.jpg (507909 bytes)

The third generation of world champions in training. Young Charlie with mum Victoria, a former World Whitewater Rafting Champion and Grampa Dai, a former veteran World Quadrathlon Champion. No pressure Charlie, just be yourself and enjoy life. 

7 August 2022

80-20220807-ss-ab-02.jpg (245658 bytes)

A walk on the sea's edge, not a brilliant sunset, the skies were too clear. 


Beautiful weather, calmish seas and sunny for the foreseeable future on the weather forecast. All I need is a new knee and I can enjoy it all. 

82-20220807-ss-ab-01.jpg (235241 bytes)

11 August 2022

75-20220812-ss-ab-beach.jpg (248850 bytes)

A short walk for sunset at Aberavon Beach

12 August 2022

74-20220811-ss-ab-beach.jpg (286768 bytes)

More of the same with a swim as well. 

13 August 2022

78-pair-in-kayak.jpg (158798 bytes)

The good weather keeps on coming. Tonight I had a sunset paddle on the River Neath at high tide with James and this Included a journey over the fields by Neath Abbey 

79-20220813-ss-melyn-bend.jpg (110650 bytes)

78-me-drfit-beam.jpg (327672 bytes)

14 August 2022 - sunset from Sarn Helen

13-20220814A-ss-sarn-helen.jpg (205311 bytes)

Not the best sunset, but its recorded for posterity from the Sarn Helen Rona Road near Coelbren Looking out at the Black Mountain in the distance. 

18 August 2022

https://youtu.be/DQwhIC0XH0k 73-sgwd-dive.jpg (319500 bytes) Every time I've tried to stand under Sgwd Gwladys the water has just been too powerful for me to withstand but today my skin has grown to a thickness that can take the power or the level of water is extremely low.  I felt the need to dive through the waterfall for the sake of art and wanted to dive from the higher shelf but on assessment it was far too risky so I settled on the lower shelf with a racing dive into about 2 foot of water. Don't try this at home, its dangerous. 

19 August 2022 - Gethin's birthday - the Gruffalo Trail

20.jpg (270292 bytes)

For Gethin's birthday this year we headed to Caerphilly and the Gruffalo Trail. 

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20 August 2022 - video upload

https://youtu.be/1g2FSwZQb1w 72-title-flat.jpg (615953 bytes) Glynneath Town Council are probably the most corrupt council in Wales and they are refusing to accept responsibility to challenge their parent authority Neath Port Talbot Council who have blatantly broken rules in relation to the Contaminated Land Strategy at the Heol y Glyn landfill site. The following video is a representation I made to ask a public question in relation to a SAR made about a Mike Pugh email chain.


Response from clerk - CLICK HERE  -  My reply to clerk following the response - CLICK HERE



29 August 2022 - Sunset paddle with James, fire at the Melyn Bend

58.jpg (236143 bytes)

15-20220829A-IM-ss-melyn-be.jpg (195651 bytes)

31 August 2022 - Ronnie the Returning Hedgehog

This is Ronnie the Returning Hedgehog, so called because he is, I believe, one of the three hedgehogs that were born in my garden last year. He is one of three regular visitors to our garden this year. 

18-20220831A-IM-hedgehog-ro.jpg (565207 bytes)




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