WALK AROUND WALES - Leg1 - Loughor to Crofty


Why Loughor Bridge to start a tour of Wales ? - The answer is simply that the Gower is the first port of call, Wales' first area of outstanding natural beauty, it's one of Wales' jewels in the walker's crown and when I finish again at the Loughor Bridge it'll probably be worth doing again !!!! - Plus it's close to home so it's not so time consuming.

Sorry there are no photos, I was travelling light and my intention was to run around Wales rather than walk it. At the age of 49 almost 50 I should have known better, I pulled my calf muscle 3 miles in to the run and ended up walking the rest. 


Leg 1 - LOUGHOR TO CROFTY - 21/1/2010

Grid ref: point notes
SS 563 982 limited free car parking next to river. nearest pub - Ship & Castle SS564981, Loughor, approx 100 mts

nearest toilets - n/k

561 981 Loughor Bridge Nip on to bridge for the START
564 979 Castle Loughor  - A castle or fortress has existed at this location since AD75 when the Roman's built a wooden fortress to protect the road and crossing of the river Loughor (Llwchwr). The fort, then known as Leucarum was a linking post between Wroxeter & Carmarthen and was also possibly linked to the fort at Neath...............  

In the early 1100s the Normans built a structure on top of the Roman fort but the local burned it down in 1151................  

  564 966 unknown structure possibly a WWII gun emplacement or a control building for an artillery range ??? probably on private land - very mucky in area to and from this structure.
553 961 lock ???
546 959 historic village  Penclawdd  (Toilets approx 543 958)
523 958 slipway Crofty
536 955 Iron Age Fort Pen-y-gaer 
544 953 Trig Point  103mts
553 947 path road/junction passing church - Bron Gaer (possible iron age fort) - Wernbwll mine probably to the left at track - 7 miners killed in explosion here in Nov 1928 
570 944 village Three Crosses
575 977 disused mine passing by disused mine to the right of the path
564 979 Castle FINISH


Date 21/1/10 Distance 13.8 m - 21k Tide LW 16.03
Weather forecast - light rain

Weather actual - dry - rain towards end - cold, approx 2-3 C 

last light approx 5.00pm

Nearest hospitals A&E

Llanelli (Prince Phillip),