On 25 October 2020 in the lead up to the Glynneath Town Council meeting in which we asked 

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Addendum by Local Representatives
We totally refute these spurious and highly offensive allegations about our character and our actions as locally elected representatives.
Earlier comments claiming that we have not acted with integrity have now been further exaggerated to suggest that we are morally corrupt and even acted outside of the law!
With this planning application, as with all other council duties that we engage in, we always strive to represent the interests of the people we serve. For example, whenever we receive queries or correspondence from residents, we always seek to consider these comments properly, often involving the forwarding of such information to professional officers at the County Borough Council.
However, we should always reserve the right not to engage in dialogue if anyone becomes unreasonable, offensive or vexatious in their approach towards us.
There will always be matters where individuals disagree with the Council, but we will always try where possible to identify avenues for people to pursue their complaints further.
We would highlight one particular instance where it is claimed that a document sent to the local ward Members and the County Borough Council had not been given due consideration; however, we can confirm that council officers had indeed replied to its sender on two separate occasions with detailed responses to the concerns raised.
To conclude, as we are sure that you would expect of us, we pledge that we will always do our very best to represent the town and the people of Glynneath.

Cllr. Simon Knoyle / Cllr. Dr. Del Morgan

Statement by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council



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