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1 December 2020 - Terrier Patrol - Rotherslade


PATROL REPORT - The terrier patrol were called in this week to safeguard the shores of the Gower Peninsula. Reports had been received that an extraordinary number of sugar cubes had disappeared from the Surfside cafe at Langland Bay. It was considered by the top brass AKA Bazza Smith that the cubes were disappearing to supply an offshore enemy submarine who had run out of the aforementioned condiment. Terriers can be seen here patrolling between Langland and Caswell. Team leaders Smith and the recently promoted Orrells are checking their pockets for excess fluff, a terrier would never been seen in such a disorderly manner with his hands in his pockets. Rees and Richards are exemplary soldiers as per usual. End of Terriers Patrol report.

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18 December 2020 - Sgwd Einion Gam in flood


On the outside I may seem cold and aloof, to some laid back, some people turn to me for advice on a manner of subjects and to others I'm simply a 'header'. Its because I'm different and I see the world in a different light and when I meet people I just want to have fun with them, and yes I'm different but this is what made me a world champion athlete and my business Rugby Relics the best in its field and of course, you've guessed it I'm arrogant too but according to a former Olympic coach I once knew this is a necessary attribute of a champion. Some people will describe me as a fool, to others I'm an inspiration, some see me as a guardian angel fighting their cause, somebody called me a 'good man' this week and to some I'm a just a twat. It's your opinion, you're welcome to it. If you are paying attention  to my daily activities on social media etc you may have noticed a change in me recently. My persona has taken a dark new exterior version and the new people I interact with are seeing me in a different light. To these people I'm seen as offensive and aggressive and people describe me as ' not nice'. 

This is because of my fight with an established government system that is determined to place my family in danger and to add insult to injury, I'm paying for this service with my council tax. What you see is my exterior, its what's in front of you, but on the inside I'm the same as everyone else, cut me open and I bleed, catch a virus, I get ill or I may even die. I have similar emotions to other people and to return to the new 'me' internally my change is due to environmental factors happening that threaten the safety of my family. What people are seeing are my emotions, anger and frustration finding their way to the surface. These emotions need to do this otherwise they will remain internal, fester and then maybe erupt. Therefore, my new exterior is developed from a new interior which is being fed by external factors.

This week my anger point has reached new high levels when a young family moved into a new house in our street. What happened next was that life delivered two hammer blows in quick succession. The heavens opened and their dreams turned to nightmares, They had spent less than 48 hours in their new house with their children including a five month old baby and were flooded, not once, but twice in two days. 

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There is so much damage to property and furniture that almost a new start is required for this young couple, this is a devastating blow for them in their journey as a family. Friends and new neighbours have rallied around the couple, a gofundme page has been created, local residents have donated cash and others are offering to donate goods. But what are the emotional costs of this event? Will it have a positive of negative outcome for them? Only time will tell. We as a community wish them well.

I learned about this tragedy from a neighbour of the new family through Facebook, she sent me photos of the damage and the aftermath and because unfortunately I know who is to blame logistically for this devastation my emotional status is affected and I get angry (again). I can't avoid investing my emotions in the couples predicament. I turn the clock back 30+ years to when I was in their shoes and my anger grows because I've been in that situation, a new born baby, a new house, its such an exciting time but its so hard as well, every situation is new, there seems to be a challenge around every corner. You face each challenge and complete it as best you can but as a family you are in such a positive mindset because you have so many dreams, so many visions, so many plans and so close to Christmas too and then bang, something like this flood happens. 

So I took a trip over the hill to see for myself the damage and to record the event because let's face it, it's not God who is accountable for this happening, its a government system and an unscrupulous businessman that has allowed this to happen. Several elderly residents have placed their trust in me to fight the system on their behalf so this is an event that need to I need to record this incident for our cause. 

I chatted to the flood victim James as he was on the clean up operation and confirmed my suspicions of accountability for the flooding, I took some photos and returned home to calm myself down, James accepted my Facebook friend request and I set about looking for family photos to use as support for the family. I saved a couple and had to put myself to bed early before I overdosed on the negative emotional chemicals frantically bouncing around in my mind.

I woke up in the morning and eventually had what they call 'a light bulb' moment, a fragment of time when you suddenly realise something or you have a good idea. But on the way to that light bulb moment are many moments and important pieces of information that allow you to reach the 'moment'. On this morning I had a nagging suspicion that a piece of information is important, normally its something that doesn't seem quite right, its a like a piece of jigsaw that won't fit into the puzzle. What I woke up to the next morning is the image of James bending over kissing his new born baby's head. 

It was at the forefront of my mind and I knew it had significance but I didn't know why? 30 minutes later I still lay in bed having linked my thoughts together, then I achieved the 'light bulb moment', personally I call it the 'ping', to me its the sound of a bell going 'ping' and I suddenly know how why that jigsaw piece doesn't fit in the puzzle or in this case it did fit and this is how:

I linked James' photo with his little girl to the image in my mind of myself holding my first baby girl in the hospital 35 years ago, they say a baby doesn't smile until seven weeks but what I saw at that moment was a beautiful being looking up at me and smiling, that image is burned in my mind forever, it will never fade, then I run through the images of my three other children, that one moment when I held that tiny helpless bundle in my arms for the very first time. I found that I could remember each image as if it was yesterday, it was clear and as sharp as if it was a high intensity digital photograph.My children are grow up now, two have children of their own and one has a little one on the way and I look at my children and way they and their partners love their children like I loved them and I am so proud and my heart fills with joy and I can say job done. That's me. I could die now and be happy that my job is done that's who I was, I was a father, I hope that when I enter those pearly gates it will be those four moments and the subsequent years that defined me as a human being, and I hope more than anything that my children feel the same way. 


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24 December 2020

filmed in August 2020

aired on Sky 1 24/12/2020

96-20201224A-IM-WAWA-dahl-d.jpg (215714 bytes) 95-20201224A-IM-WAWA-dahl-s.jpg (196829 bytes) Camera time for Dai..................

This is the first time I've worked with my son Simon on a production so its great that we are both seen in the same scene. I'm on the bike and Simon is by the lorry. 

Roald & Beatrix, the tail of the curious mouse, a heart-warming Christmas film inspired by the true encounter between a six-year-old Roald Dahl and his idol Beatrix Potter. A magical story of what really can happen when you are brave enough to follow your dreams. Joining Dawn French who plays Beatrix, the cast includes Jessica Hynes, Rob Brydon, Alison Steadman, Nina Sosanya, Bill Bailey and Nick Mohammed. - CLICK HERE



29 December 2020

On the way home from a ride to Aberavon Beach for some filming, I stopped and took an almost sunset photo from under the Neath flyover. This is the point where I left the river after my epic 1984 paddle from Aberavon Beach to Leonard Street. About 6 weeks after I had my shoulder operation I bought a kayak from Simon (can't remember his surname) in Western Avenue, Sandfields, I carried it to the beach and then paddled across the bay to the Ferry bend then up the River Neath. I mistimed the tide, it took me longer than I thought and for the last two hours of the journey I paddled against the flow of the river. Considering I'd been in a sling for about 10 weeks after my operation and my muscles had atrophied, I was in bits. It was probably the hardest thing I've ever done.



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