Dai's walk around Wales blog - April 2021


17 April 2020

04-20210417A-IM-sunrise.jpg (180928 bytes)

It was nice to have a short terrier walk this morning from Blackpill to Oystermouth and to take 5 minutes out to record the sunrise. Noticeably there were more planes in the sky meaning that although the COVID19 pandemic is still happening, the world is returning slowly to normal slowly but surely.  

24 April 2020 - AM

I didn't check the angles of the sunrise this morning so got the sunrise completely wrong, it was one of those mornings where I just needed to get out and take in some fresh air on a beach so fine tuning my sunrise photo wasn't a priority. Where better than Torbay on the Gower for space and a nice walk. I walked he sea shore for about 10 minutes and then spent about 20 minutes in the water, both the air and the water were a bit cold but manageable. I was refreshed and ready to go and of course there's always sunset............. 


24 April 2020 - PM

The Foel above Cwmavon, Cimla and Pontrhydyfen stand tall above the surrounding mountains, the top it is visible from the beaches and local mountain tops so reverse thinking would indicate it as a likely place from which to view sunset, and so it proved to be. It's a 4 and a half hour mountain bike round trip so today I killed two birds with one stone and collected some serious fitness points and a nice sunset. My timings were a little off because I took a wrong turn on the mountain and dropped down into Glyncorrwg instead of Abercregan, its 5 years since I rode the route and the trees have been chopped down so that visually alters things, I knew after a short while that I'd taken the wrong turning but I also knew that if I kept heading downhill I'd end up off the mountain on a track that would take me where I wanted to be. Plus the wrong turn increased my mileage which is a plus. I was about 100 metres short of the summit when I had to dismount to catch the sunset.

94-20210421-ss-foel04.jpg (54210 bytes) 95-20210421-ss-foel03.jpg (52151 bytes) 96-20210421-ss-foel02.jpg (52103 bytes) 97-20210421-ss-foel01.jpg (42238 bytes)




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