Dai's walk around Wales blog - January 2023

2 January 2023 - Beware cyclist

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Sunset at Aberpergwm. I'm trying to match up my look with the 'Beware Cyclists' sign. I haven't quite got the angle right yet, back to the drawing board I think.

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3 January 2023 - jelly jots

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Walking in the woods today, I came across this jelly stuff, its like frog spawn but without the tadpole dots in the middle, strange stuff. If anyone can shed any light on this please do.

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4 January 2023 - re-unions

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Class 1b, Hurricances & punk rock re-union in Weatherspoons, Port Talbot. Back in the 1970's we had a five-a-side team in the Afan Lido weekly kids competition. Pete Watkins, Richard Price, Mark Harris and myself were 4 of the team, we couldn't remember the five. Pete, myself, Gareth Thomas and Gareth Bamsey used to travel to see the punk rock and new wave bands in the Top Rank, Cardiff and in our home town venue, The Troubador, bands such as The Damned, The Jam, Boomtown Rats, Revillos, Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, XTC and The Clash. Later in the evening we were joined by Pam Jones, Pete, Richard, Pam & myself were all in form 1b of Glanafan School before Pam and Richard moved up into the more intelligent 1a class. 



6 January 2023 - Maerdy Mountain ride

A delivery to an address in Aberdare followed by the climb out of Aberdare onto Maerdy Mountain and a ride across the top to the top of the Rhigos mountain. Pictured at the reservoir Lluest Wen

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8 January 2023

Time for shelter during my bike ride, the telephone box now holds a defibrillater

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11 January 2023 - The Light in the Hall

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I appeared as a desk sergeant in the Channel 4 series "The Light in the Hall". I have lines in the series but they dubbed me and its somebody else speaking. 

12 January 2023 - Neath Poetry Group performance

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I need to learn to set up my camera properly

13 January 2023

96-veron-title.jpg (354228 bytes) I bumped into Vernon in Lancaster Close on 13 January of this year and he started telling me about the bus garage at the top of the Close and that he used to work for Davies' buses. So I got out my camera and started recording him. This video is a temporary video uploaded to Facebook only, ideally I'd like to add photos of the buses and garage etc and any other stories or information that can be gathered in relation to the bus company for a more complete video. If you are able to help, please add any photos or comments to this post and I'll add them to the final version of this video :)

https://www.facebook.com/dai.richards.923/videos/241585178241488?idorvanity=518152911644644 - Glynneath Reunited 

https://www.facebook.com/dai.richards.923/videos/975598343427774?idorvanity=369552746753067 - Glynneath News & Views

14 January 2023

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Happy 18th birthday to my nephew Tyler

15 January 2023

Public toilets at Ystradgynlais - top stop, top town, toilets that are clean, open and well presented. A rarity in today's modern Wales

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16 January 2023

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Today Wales said goodbye to one of its favourite daughters, Ruth Madoc passed away recently and the funeral service was at St David's in Neath and the committal at the cemetery in Glynneath. 

16 January 2023

Beware - these cyclists are extremely dangerous, I bumped into Ian on the bike. 

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January 2023

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Snow ride. 

20 January 2023

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A walk to Sgwd Gwladys from home - I met Nigel & Fiona from Shropshire. There was a lot of ice about. 

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Tredegar RFC 08-wrm-image.jpg (324133 bytes) A recent donation to our on-line rugby museum  www.world-rugby-museum.com  included this Tredegar RFC report booklet for the 1972/73 season plus the Annual General Meeting and a vice-presidents season ticket for Gilmore Lewis. I understand that Gil moved up to the North of England some time after this. I was hoping that someone out there could shed some light about Gil's involvement with the rugby club or just some general info about him, a photo of Gil would be nice.



21January 2023 - 3G walk  Gnoll 3rd pond ice art

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26 January 2023

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sunset on the road at Rheola




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