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This is a brief summary of the timeline for major events and incidents in relation to the Heol y Glyn landfill site. 


  1937 Earliest date that the site was first used as for landfill. At this time it was thought to be owned by the Neath Rural District Corporation.

Source video interview with the granddaughter of the original site manager*

  1999 First planning approval given at NPTC
  2008 A planning application is made that identifies that the land is contaminated, the chemical test and a human health risk assessment are included in a report submitted to the NPT Planning Department.
  2008 Mike Cuddy of "The Cuddy Group" makes a donation of 10,000 to the then local labour MP, Peter Hain which Peter failed to declare. This coincides with a planning application for development at the site to the council which at the time was Labour controlled.
  2008-2010 A series of plans designed to remove the requirement for further testing or remediating the land take place. The chemical test remained buried on the planning website until found and highlighted by residents in 2020. in the planning meeting P2020/0195, the Contaminated Land Officer identifies that the test in 2008 was insufficient to quantify the level contamination which identifies that the Environmental Protection Act 1990 was breached in 2010. The breach was first suggested to the council in April 2020 and information to confirm this was submitted to the planning committee on 7/9/2020 in the form of a document.

council-of-death-report - CLICK HERE

  2003-2014 The Cuddy Group Ltd tipped industrial waste at the site without regulation, sometimes in the middle of night and regularly they would backfill suggesting they wanted the waste to b eburied deep. Residents have witnessed barrels they suspect contain chemical waste buried on the site.
  2014-2017 The Cuddy Group Ltd continued tipping industrial waste at the site, this time with a Natural Resources Wales licence for tipping only inert materials.
  2017 The Cuddy Group went bankrupt
  2020 Enzo Homes have bought the land and submit revised plans to NPTC. Enzo Homes are at this point in time due to appear in court for breaches of planning regualations. 
  2020 The Council Leader, Rob Jones, local Councillors Del Morgan and Simon Knoyle, the chair and vice-chair of the Planning Committee are informed that the Planning department have assisted the Cuddy Group in breaking the 1990 Environmental Protection Act between 2008-10.

council-of-death-report - CLICK HERE

  March 2020 NPTC refuse to investigate planning protocol breaches and the local residents group are pointed to the Ombudsman to complain. They refuse to complain based upon the fact that they only wanted information. 
  April 2020 The Glynneath Councillors Knoyle and Morgan refuse to communicate with the resident's group in relation to the 2008 contamination report that identified and above safety guidelines level of toxic waste.
  September 2020 Planning Committee meeting at NPTC are warned by a resident's group that the Planning Department have committed malpractice in relation  to the development at Heol y Glyn and if they approve the plans submitted to them then they are again rubber stamping Planning Department malpractice. The plans are approved by NPTC by the Planning Committee who include the former Glynneath Councillor Chris Williams whose wife died an un-natural death while living next to the site. In the lead up to the meeting Councillor Williams refused to answer how his wife died.
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In a 12 month long series of private messages and emails between Councillor Steve Hunt, Dai Richards and the Glynneath Town Councillor Jennifer Herbert, Councillor Hunt in his role as Chair of the Regeneration and Sustainable Development Scrutiny Committee agreed to ask a number of relevant questions which the Head of Planning and Public Protection Ceri Morris refused to answer. Councillor Hunt was given specific scrutiny information in relation to each question that identified potential malpractice by the Planning department. He was also given relevant information in relation to probable deaths from contamination and pointed to the fact that the famous actress Ruth Madoc lived next to the site. Ruth Madoc subsequently died from potential contamination causes. 
  Jan 2022 Glynneath Councillor Simon Knoyle fabricates information in a social media post in relation to his role in the process of the Plans of Death P2020/0863 and refuses to discuss this with the Glynneath Town Council of which he is mayor. The council are at the time without a clerk. 



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