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1/12/2019 77-2012-12-01-gethin-selfie.jpg (638079 bytes) 76-dai.jpg (528520 bytes) 75-leaf-man.jpg (756795 bytes) I gave Gethin my phone to take photos and videos while I was changing after a run, at the same time we put together a leaf man and Gethin snapped away and true to form he produced a top selfie, I'm not sure what's going on with the selfie he took he think he moved his head in the middle of the shot but it looks a strange one with part of his head missing, it was there last time I looked. We then walked to the Colliers in Efail Fach on the old dram line catching up Dale & Korra on the way. It was Korra's birthday and also the second anniversary of day she was born. Sunday dinner in the Colliers was top notch.
2/12/2019 78b-2012-12-02-ss-onllwyn2.jpg (91841 bytes) I was on an errand on my trusty Chas Roberts White Spider mountain bike up an over the mountain into the Swansea Valley. As I reached the Banwen crossroads the skies started turning pink and a super sunset evolved to my left as a rode. I stopped to take a shot across the fields with my iphone of the Onllwyn washery with the sunset in the background. Did I ever mention I love sunsets, I think I may have once or twice in the past. 


7 December 2019


Oxwich Castle Circular - Hayley and I headed out on a continuation of last week's walk. Starting at Oxwich Bay Hotel where we enjoyed a coffee, we headed out on the coast path for a circular walk that took us past the closed Oxwich Castle, I'd guesstimate the walk to be around 3-4 miles and wouldn't recommend it if there's been a lot of rain, the path across the farmland on the top was quite mucky. Today was our 17th anniversary and I'd like to congratulate Hayley on her resilience. 17 years of being married to me is a monumental achievement with less of the monu and more of mental, well done babes, loves ya........ 


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9 December 2019

Today was our first opportunity as a group to visit Hazel's memorial bench since it was sited on the promenade between Blackpill and Oystermouth. Smith, Norling and Richards armed with a tripod and self timing camera disturbed the peace of the many walkers and cyclists with the seriousness of the task at hand. Once we had filled ourselves full of coffee, welsh cakes and mince pies we popped on our special t shirts which said...............

"In memory of Hazel who had a lovely smile"

This walk is dedicated to the memory of Hazel Smith 1940-2019


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13 December 2019

In the town of Neath there are lots of good people, there are some that are 'good for nothing', so they say although I've never met any of those people and some that are good for the community. One such 'good for the community' people that I met while out on my mountain bike this week is Dai Giddings, or Dai Canal as I've now named him. A tree had fallen over on the canal blocking the path and when I first came across Dai Canal he had his little garden pruner out and was beavering away cutting the branches and ivy off the tree as best he could. I asked him nicely if I could pass, he let me through and 20 metres further on my conscience got the better of me so I returned to help Dai Canal clear the tree away. (The photo of Dai on his own shows the tree after we had both been at it for about 5 minutes, when I turned up the only way through was on the outside next to the canal and the blockage was far more substantial). If Dai Canal hadn't have been there I would have rode straight on and got on with my ride. The point I'm going to make is that Dai Canal with this selfless act, thinking of others in clearing the tree away started the ball rolling on a community event, we chatted and other people passing stopped to talk, there was even one person whose name wasn't Dai who stopped to talk. What I'm going to say here is 'well done Dai' for thinking of others and I'm going to name............

 Dai 'Canal' Giddings 

my first ever Walk Around Wales


63-20191213-dai-canal2.jpg (367006 bytes) 

64-20191213-dai-canal1.jpg (278569 bytes)


24/12/2019 83-driftwood-tree.jpg (120231 bytes) Merry Christmas everyone I've no plans for a walk on Christmas day this year but here's a photo some of the driftwood I've picked from our beautiful beaches that have made it to a tree. A big  thank you to the ebay customer who sent me this photo of a tree they made out of the driftwood picked from our beaches.

To see what driftwood I have for sale please click on the link below and visit the Rugby Relics ebay shop.



25/12/2019 42.jpg (57576 bytes) Christmas day was glorious so I hopped on the bike and headed to Aberavon Beach for a swim. My last dip was on 30th November and the water was colder again. The waves were pretty good so I spent my time in the water, about 10-15 minutes body surfing. Keeping my head in the water while riding a wave was a initiallyt painful but after about 5 minutes things got a little better. Next up a January swim.
30/12/2019 41-terriers-sgwd-gwladys.jpg (488896 bytes) 40-terriers-thumbs-gwladys.jpg (430874 bytes) 30 December 2019 - The last walk of the year was to Sgwd Gwlays from the Angel. Terriers Elias, Smith, Rees and Richards can be seen with the waterfall in the background. Rations were distributed at the White Horse Inn, Pontneddfechan. 





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